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for Marketing Manager

You think the problem and we respond in 5 days!

At DigitalMakers we are in the day to day of our customers with similar needs or problems, that is why we decided to create our blog where we share this knowledge and also help market makers in companies to have a starting point where some of them can independently be resolved.


I accept the challenge

How it works?

The challenge is that you ask us a question or doubt about your department that you have not been able to solve and we are committed to giving you an answer through an article in our blog.

1. Think of a problem

Think of this thing that nobody in your department has been able to answer, on this issue that burns you up or that you parked so that nobody knows how to solve it.

2. Fill in the form

Fill out the form with the question or need you have in your marketing department and you have not been able to give it a try.

3. You will get the answer in 5 days

If we do not have any articles related to our blog, we promise to generate an article that answers your question within the next 5 days.


Why do we do it for free?

Because we believe that our knowledge is our strong point. We work with many marketing departments and know that their needs are very similar in the end.

Through this answer / article you will be tested and in turn help us share our knowledge of the digital world between companies that can have the same needs, a win-win in full rule.


Reals cases of marketing managers who have received their response

Effective digital strategy to communicate an event

Effective digital strategy to communicate an event

On repeated occasions our clients tell us that they have the possibility to make an event to offer their products or services. They tell us excited, they tell us in detail and suddenly ... a little moment of panic! How do we prepare the communication strategy? What we do? To whom? What do we say to them?

How to enter dynamic signatures in your mail

At DigitalMakers we have observed in our customers an increasing need to create dynamic signatures in their corporate emails so that they are all aligned with a coherent corporate image. All the workers in a company have an email with a signature.

How to enter dynamic signatures in your mail

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